Authorised Firms

Company name License Number Status of the license License issue date: Ordered activities Details
Blackfort Capital AG doing business in the AIFC as Representative Office of Blackfort Capital AFSA-A-LA-2019-0032 withdrawn 09-07-2019 Operating a Representative Office show more
Upstox Kazakhstan Limited AFSA-A-LA-2021-0010 withdrawn by participant 20-04-2021 Dealing in Investments as Agent show more
Otan Limited AFSA-A-LA-2020-0011 withdrawn by participant 20-03-2020 Accepting Deposits;Providing Credit;Advising on a Credit Facility;Arranging a Credit Facility;Providing Money Services show more
Green Future Invest Ltd. AFSA-A-LA-2019-0046 withdrawn by participant 11-09-2019 Managing a Collective Investment Scheme show more