Recognised Non-AIFC entities

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Company name Status Order number Recognition Date Expired Recognition Status Comments
"EuroCenterAstana" JSC Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2023-0018 28-08-2023 Active
"Invia Investments" Closed Joint-Stock Company Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2023-0016 14-08-2023 Active
Cifra Broker Limited Liability Company Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2023-0008 15-06-2023 Active
Renaissance Broker Limited Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2022-0048 12-06-2023 Active
Public Joint Stock Company SPB Bank Recognised Non-AIFC Market Insitution AFSA-A-OA-2022-0056 01-06-2023 Active
Public Joint Stock Company SPB Bank Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2022-0057 01-06-2023 Active
"SPB Clearing" (joint-stock company) Recognised Non-AIFC Market Insitution AFSA-A-OA-2022-0058 01-06-2023 Active
Teniz Capital Investment Banking JSC Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2023-0006 24-05-2023 Active
Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2023-0004 10-05-2023 Active
BrokerCreditService (Cyprus) Limited Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2022-0038 23-08-2022 Active
VELES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2022-0037 15-08-2022 13-03-2023 Suspended
Investment House Astana-Invest JSC Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2021-0030 02-08-2021 14-01-2022 Revoked Revoked in favor of a Licence #AFSA-A-LA-2022-0001 for Regulated Activities
ForteFinance JSC Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2020-0074 29-12-2020 14-01-2022 Revoked Voluntary withdrawal
Zemblanco Investments Ltd Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2020-0056 22-10-2020 01-02-2023 Revoked Voluntary withdrawal
VTB Capital JSC Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2020-0034 13-07-2020 17-03-2022 Suspended
ITI Capital Limited Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2020-0005 31-01-2020 26-05-2023 Revoked
Sova Capital Limited Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2020-0003 20-01-2020 01-09-2022 Revoked Voluntary withdrawal
Ext Ltd. Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2019-0098 31-10-2019 Active
CITIC Securities Company Limited Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2019-0057 28-06-2019 Active
Renaissance Securities (Cyprus) Limited Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2019-0058 28-06-2019 Active
Keler Ltd. Recognised Non-AIFC Market Insitution AFSA-A-OA-2019-0048 20-06-2019 08-12-2022 Revoked Voluntary withdrawal
Keler CCP Ltd. Recognised Non-AIFC Market Insitution AFSA-A-OA-2019-0049 20-06-2019 08-12-2022 Revoked Voluntary withdrawal
Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2019-0038 30-05-2019 Active
Shinhan Investment Corp. Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2019-0031 03-05-2019 05-03-2020 Revoked Not completed the admission process
WOOD & Company Financial Services, a.s. Recognised Non-AIFC Member AFSA-A-OA-2019-0015 04-03-2019 Active