Private Company
Qanat Invest Limited
Registration details

Licence information

Subject of regulation Licence Number Licence active since: Licence not active since: Status Activities/Services Description Comments
Regulated Activities AFSA-A-LA-2020-0033 10-09-2020 active -Advising on Investments
-Arranging Deals in Investments
-Managing a Collective Investment Scheme in respect of Exempt Funds
-Dealing in Investments as Agent
-Dealing in Investments as Principal
- Shares
- Debentures
- Warrants
- Certificates
- Structured products
- Futures
- Contracts for Differences
- Options
- Rights to or interests in Investments
- Units in a Collective Investment Scheme
- Sukuk
- Credit Facility
a) Managing a Collective Investment Scheme in relation to Exempt Funds with the Investment type of Units in a Collective Investment Scheme

Approved individuals

Name Role Status Approval Effective date Approval Expiration date
Dmitriy Tsoy Anti Money Laundering Officer Active 14-02-2024
AIBEK KUNAYEV Senior Executive Officer Active 23-10-2023
TOGZHAN ABISHEVA Director Active 23-10-2023
AIBEK KUNAYEV Director Active 23-10-2023
BAKHYTZHAN KAPYSHEV Director Active 23-10-2023
Syrzhan Nogaibayev Compliance Officer Active 14-07-2023
Igor Li Finance Officer Active 01-06-2022
Kirill Upatov Director Former 01-06-2022 23-10-2023
Alexander Yanovskiy Director Former 01-06-2022 23-10-2023
Rakhat Mukhtarov Senior Executive Officer Former 20-12-2021 23-10-2023
OLEG ZHELEZKO Director Former 10-09-2020 23-10-2023
DANIYAR KONIRKULZHAYEV Compliance Officer Former 01-06-2022 14-07-2023
Aleksandr Osipov Finance Officer Former 10-09-2020 01-06-2022
Gleb Yakovlev Director Former 10-09-2020 01-06-2022
Nikita Poltavskis Compliance Officer Former 10-09-2020 01-06-2022
ASLAN SULTANOV Senior Executive Officer Former 09-11-2020 20-12-2021
Nikolay Dontsov Director Former 10-09-2020 20-12-2021
Dimash Omаrоv Senior Executive Officer Former 10-09-2020 09-11-2020