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Organisational-legal Form Company name BIN Registered Address Registration date Registration status Details
Recognised Company Grove Regulatory Consultancy Limited - AIFC Branch 180641900158 010000, 55/20 Mangilik El Ave, Office 254, Astana, Kazakhstan 22-06-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company Branch of FiscalAdmin OÜ in the AIFC 180641900118 010017, 12/1 Kerey and Zhanibek Khandar St, office 44, Nur-Astana, Kazakhstan 14-06-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company China Development Bank Astana Representative Office Recognised Company 180242900019 010016, 16 Dostyk St, Talan Towers Offices, 21st floor, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan 16-02-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company Representative Office of HITBEAT MUSIC INC. in the AIFC 211042900093 Z05T3F5,Astana,Esil district,Mangilik El 55/22,office 140 04-10-2021 Dissolved show more
Recognised Company Branch of "RES Kazakhstan" LLP in the AIFC 210841900242 48 Sauran,Astana,Z05P7Y7 13-08-2021 Dissolved show more
Recognised Company Branch of Internet loyalnost LLC Nur-Sultan in AIFC 200241900060 55/20, Mangilik Yel Avenue, Block C4.1, Office 251 06-02-2020 Dissolved show more
Recognised Company Blackfort Capital AG doing business in the AIFC as Representative Office of Blackfort Capital 190641900155 55/17, Mangilik El Street, Office 145, Astana, Kazakhstan 25-06-2019 Dissolved show more
Recognised Company GPS McQuhae LLP doing business in the AIFC as GPS McQuhae LLP (AIFC Branch) 190341900071 55/17, Mangilik Yel Avenue, Office 145, Astana, Kazakhstan 20-03-2019 Dissolved show more
Recognised Company Branch of "Russell Bedford A+ Partners" International Audit Company LLC in Astana 180741900022 55/20 Mangilik El Ave, Offices 331-332, Astana, Kazakhstan 29-06-2018 Suspended show more