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Company name

Representative office of the INVESTBANQ PTE. Ltd.

Organisational-legal Form

Recognised Company

Registration status


Registration date 14-07-2018

Business nature

Operating a Representative Office

license (Regulated Activities) 072018-005

Company names

Name Status Effective date: Expiration date:
Representative office of the Paladigm Capital Pte. Limited Active 10-07-2018 08-08-2023
Representative office of the INVESTBANQ PTE. Ltd. Active 14-07-2018

Company addresses

Address Status Address is valid since: Address is not valid since:
Astana,Esil district,48,Sauran street Former 10-07-2018

Business nature: Operating a Representative Office

Company business activities

Code Activity
73110 Advertising agencies

Company roles

Role Name Effective date Expiration date
Person authorised Olzhas Zhiyenkul 14-07-2018
Authorised Signatory Olzhas Zhiyenkul 10-07-2018
CEO Olzhas Zhiyenkul 10-07-2018
Person authorised TALGAT KANTAYEV 10-07-2018
Recognised forms of organisations does not have registered capital

Change history

Date of change Subject of change