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Organisational-legal Form Company name BIN Registered Address Registration date Registration status Details
Foundation AIDYN&ANAR RAKHIMBAYEV FOUNDATION 190840900062 55/17, Mangilik Yel Street, Office 145, Astana, Kazakhstan 19-08-2019 Active show more
Foundation Prima Linea Foundation 220940900282 020000,Astana,Esil district,16/5,Turkistan,office 114 19-09-2022 Active show more
Foundation Center for Scientific and Technological Initiatives “Samgau” Foundation 220440900274 010000,Astana,Nura district,17/10,Syganak 18-04-2022 Active show more
Foundation Central Asian PhD Foundation 210540900216 010000,Astana,Esil district,6/2,Uly Dala Avenue,office 35 26-05-2021 Active show more
Foundation ORTA Foundation 231140900595 Z19Y6B3,Astana,Esil district,41/1,Mangilik El 23-11-2023 Active show more
Foundation Sustainable Innovation and Technology Foundation 221040900143 Z05T3F1,Astana,Esil district,55/14,Mangilik El Avenue,office 3.11 07-10-2022 Active show more
Foundation Satbayev University Endowment Foundation 230540900291 010000,Astana,Esil district,58,Syganak,office 3 10-05-2023 Active show more
Foundation Foundation for the Development and Support of Capital Markets and Securitization in Financial Hub 230740900217 Z05T8M2,Astana,Esil district,1,Гейдар Әлиев,office 1 05-07-2023 Active show more
Foundation Mother's Home International Foundation 230840900171 020000,Astana,Esil district,10,Dinmukhamed Qonayev,office 404 10-08-2023 Active show more
Foundation Support and Enhancement of Securitization, Digital Assets and Capital Market Transactions Foundation 240140900594 Z05T8M2,Astana,Esil district,1,Гейдар Әлиев,office 1 29-01-2024 Active show more
Foundation Senym Foundation 190840900131 Astana,Esil district,55/17,Mangilik El Avenue,office 145 26-08-2019 Active show more
Foundation Central Asia Climate Foundation 240240900538 010000,Astana,Esil district,12/1,Dinmukhamed Qonayev,office 32 22-02-2024 Active show more
Foundation Foundation for the Support and Development of International Financial Center 230140900057 010016,Astana,Esil district,16,Dostyk street,office 2 06-01-2023 Active show more