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Organisational-legal Form Company name BIN Registered Address Registration date Registration status Details
Private Company MY Partners Limited 180440900026 Office 1, Block 21, 12/1, Kunayev street, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan 17-04-2018 Active show more
Private Company AAG Eurasia Limited 180440900016 46 Sauran St, office 98, Astana, Kazakhstan 17-04-2018 Active show more
Private Company Ozara Finance Limited 180340900012 55/20 Mangilik El Ave, Office 254, Block C 4.1, floor 2, Astana, Kazakhstan; 15-03-2018 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation Climate Action Initiative Central Asia Non-profit Organisation 180240900029 23-02-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company China Development Bank Astana Representative Office Recognised Company 180242900019 010016,Astana,Dostyk street 16-02-2018 Active show more
Private Company Eurasia Continental Financial Limited 180140900025 Nur-Sultan,55/22, Mangilik Yel Avenue, Office 340, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 31-01-2018 Active show more
Private Company Ozara Services Limited 180140900015 55/20, Mangilik Yel Avenue, Block C4.1, Office 254, floor 2, Astana, Kazakhstan 23-01-2018 Active show more
Private Company The Small Business Stock Exchange Limited 171140900066 55 Mangilik El Ave, bld15, Astana, Kazakhstan 23-11-2017 Active show more
Private Company eCompany Limited 171140900046 55 Mangilik El Avenue, building 15, Astana, Kazakhstan 23-11-2017 Active show more
Private Company eCitizenship Limited 171140900036 55 Mangilik El Ave, bld15, Astana, Kazakhstan 23-11-2017 Active show more
Private Company Finclusion Limited 171140900056 55 Mangilik El Ave, bld15, Astana, Kazakhstan 23-11-2017 Active show more
Private Company Index Dollar Limited 171140900026 55 Mangilik El Ave, bld15, Astana, Kazakhstan 03-11-2017 Active show more
Private Company Astana International Exchange Limited 171140900016 Astana,Esil district,55/19,Mangilik El 11-01-2017 Active show more
Private Company Indigo EdTech Holding Ltd. 230840900052 Z05M6D8,Astana,Esil district,45,Mangilik El,office 38 03-08-2023 Dissolved show more
Private Company Datalogy IT Ltd. 230240900121 020000,Astana,Esil district,13,Aqmeshit,office 11 14-02-2023 Dissolved show more
Private Company OrmanWood Ltd. 221140900137 Z05X0B4,Astana,Esil district,16,Turkistan,office NP-16 04-11-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company Tichmi Limited 221040900272 Z05T2Y2,Astana,Esil district,46,Sauran street 17-10-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company Legacy Capital Ltd. 220840900090 D02H4X3,Astana,Esil district,34,Sauran,office 4 05-08-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company Petro Company Ltd. 220740900403 010000,Astana,Esil district,8/2,Turkistan,office 906 26-07-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company Strategeast - Kazakhstan Limited 220740900344 Z05H9M1,Astana,Esil district,5,Dostyk street,office NP-199 22-07-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company Kzobmen Ltd. 220740900225 Z05T8M2,Astana,Esil district,17,Sauran,office 5 14-07-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company Qazaq petrochemical plant Ltd. 220540900337 Z05P4D2,Astana,Esil district,58Б,Қабанбай Батыр,office 14 19-05-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company KAP CHEMICALS Ltd. 220240900277 Z05T3E5,Astana,Esil district,55/21,Mangilik El 18-02-2022 Dissolved show more
Private Company CCK Science and Technology Ltd. 211240900575 Z05T3E5,Astana,Esil district,55/21,Mangilik El 31-12-2021 Dissolved show more
Private Company QazTechinzh Ltd. 211240900426 Z05T3E5,Astana,Esil district,55/21,Mangilik El 24-12-2021 Dissolved show more