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Organisational-legal Form Company name BIN Registered Address Registration date Registration status Details
Private Company Blockchain KZ Limited 181140900088 55/22 Mangilik El Ave, Office 140, Astana, Kazakhstan 14-12-2018 Active show more
Private Company Wooppay Limited 181140900107 8, Dinmukhamed Qonayev Street, Emerald Tower Business Center, Office 1107, Astana, Kazakhstan 23-11-2018 Dissolved show more
Private Company Pyypl Kazakhstan Ltd. 181140900137 Astana,Mangilik El Avenue 21-11-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company Stockmetrix Financial Inc doing business in the AIFC as "Stockmetrix Financial Inc" - AIFC Branch 181141900073 55/17 Mangilik El Ave, Office 145, Astana, Kazakhstan 19-11-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company SkyBridge Invest JSC doing business in the AIFC as "Branch of SkyBridge JSC in the AIFC" 181141900093 55/21 Mangilik El Ave, office 146, Astana, Kazakhstan 21-11-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company JSC Altyn Bank (SB China Citic Bank Corporation Ltd) doing business in the AIFC as Branch of the JSC Altyn Bank (SB China Citic Bank Corporation Ltd) 181141900112 20 Mangilik el ave., office1, Astana 27-11-2018 Active show more
Recognised Company OOO "WZH INVEST LIMITED" doing business in the AIFC as Deheng Law Offices Branch 181141900122 Astana, Esil district, 54A, Syganak street, floor 14, office 1404 12-03-2019 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation FinTech Circle Non-Profit Organisation 181240900011 Z05T3D6,Astana,Esil district,55/18,Mangilik El,office 108 11-12-2018 Active show more
Private Company CA Intermediary Limited 181240900021 Office 223, 55/22 Mangilik El, Esil district, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan 14-12-2018 Dissolved show more
Limited Liability Partnership Radius Advisory Lab Limited Liability Partnership 181240900031 Z05T0B6, 17p E10 St, Ap119, Astana, Kazakhstan 28-12-2018 Active show more
Limited Liability Partnership Talap Inc. Limited Liability Partnership 181240900041 010000,Astana,Esil district,8/2,Turkistan,office 1413 12-06-2019 Active show more
Private Company Orient Invest Limited 181240900051 Astana,Esil district,29/1,Kunayev street,office 1901 19-12-2018 Active show more
Private Company Business solutions «Garant» Limited 190140900017 Z05P7Y7,Astana,Esil district,55/21,Mangilik El,office 322 08-01-2019 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation "Umit Fund" Non-Profit Organisation 190140900027 05M0M5,Astana,Esil district,17,Mangilik El Avenue 09-01-2019 Active show more
Private Company AIFC Professional Services Group Limited 190140900037 Z05T3D6, Mangilik Yel 55/18, C3.3, Astana, Esil district, Republic of Kazakhstan 18-01-2019 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation Mile Unity Foundation Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation 190140900047 8 Kunayev St, office 1107, Astana, Kazakhstan 28-01-2019 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation «Kazakhstan Innovations» Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation 190140900057 29/1, Kunayev Street, office 10/1, Astana, Kazakhstan 29-01-2019 Active show more
Private Company Win Eurasia Investment Co., Ltd. 190140900077 29, Syganak St, office 333, Astana, Kazakhstan 01-02-2019 Active show more
Private Company Intera Limited 190140900087 46/1, Turan Ave, office 609, Astana, Kazakhstan 01-02-2019 Active show more
Private Company West Gold Mining Limited 190140900097 010000,Astana,Esil district,13,Dostyk,office 179 12-06-2019 Active show more
Recognised Limited Liability Partnership "KKO" Recognised Limited Liability Partnership in AIFC 190141900062 8, Kunayev Street, office 1108, Astana, Kazakhstan 25-01-2019 Active show more
Private Company KazPV Ltd. 190240900010 55/17, Mangilik El Street, Office 145, Astana, Kazakhstan 11-02-2019 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation "QazAngels - Business Angels Club" Non-Profit Organisation 190240900020 VP-4, 1 Housing, 60 Kabanbai Batyr Ave, Astana 13-02-2019 Active show more
Non-Profit Incorporated Organisation "4.0 Transformation Center" Non-Profit Organisation 190240900040 Mangilik El av. 55/8, Astana, Z05T3E8, the Republic of Kazakhstan 20-02-2019 Active show more
Private Company ATS Astana Limited 190240900050 Turan, 46/6, floor 10, office 160, Astana, Esil district, Republic of Kazakhstan 20-02-2019 Active show more