Private Company
Delta DA Ltd.
Registration details

Licence information

Subject of regulation Licence Number Licence active since: Licence not active since: Status Activities/Services Description Comments
FinTech Lab Participant AFSA-G-LA-2021-0018 13-07-2021 12-07-2025 active -Providing Custody
License extended from 12-07-2023 to 12-07-2024, from 12-07-2024 to 12-07-2025.

Approved individuals

Name Role Status Approval Effective date Approval Expiration date
Dauren Karashev Compliance Officer Active 15-03-2023
Akmeir Rakhymzhanova Anti Money Laundering Officer Active 03-08-2022
KUG KIM Director Active 23-08-2021
ALAN DORJIYEV Senior Executive Officer Active 23-08-2021
Almat Abylkassymov Finance Officer Active 23-08-2021
NOR HAMID Director Active 23-08-2021
Dastan Shagaltayev Compliance Officer Former 31-07-2022 15-03-2023
Yerzhan Abdiev Compliance Officer Former 23-08-2021 21-07-2022