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Company name

Branch of Iterial Business Group Ltd in the AIFC

Registered Address

Z05H9M1,Astana,Esil district,5,Dostyk,office 125

Organisational-legal Form

Recognised Company

Registration status


Registration date 06-02-2024

Business nature

Managing own funds

Company names

Name Status Effective date: Expiration date:
Branch of Iterial Business Group Ltd in the AIFC Active 06-02-2024

Company addresses

Address Status Address is valid since: Address is not valid since:
Z05H9M1,Astana,Esil district,5,Dostyk,office 125 Former 06-02-2024 22-02-2024
Z05H9M1,Astana,Esil district,5,Dostyk,office 199 Former 22-02-2024 03-04-2024
Z05H9M1,Astana,Esil district,5,Dostyk,office 125 Active 03-04-2024

Business nature: Managing own funds

Company business activities

Code Activity
64992 Other financial services, financing in various sectors of the economy, investment activity

Company roles

Role Name Effective date Expiration date
Authorised Signatory DINARA RYSKALIYEVA 06-02-2024
Person authorised DINARA RYSKALIYEVA 06-02-2024
Recognised forms of organisations does not have registered capital

Change history

Date of change Subject of change