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Company name

Tengiz Development Ltd.

Registered Address

Z05T3F5,Astana,Esil district,Mangilik El 55/22

Organisational-legal Form

Private Company

Registration status

Registration date 05-10-2021

Business nature

Data centre development and management

Comments Company has been dissolved on 3 April 2023

Company names

Name Status Effective date: Expiration date:
Tengiz Development Ltd. Active 05-10-2021

Company addresses

Address Status Address is valid since: Address is not valid since:
Z05T3F5,Astana,Esil district,Mangilik El 55/22 Active 05-10-2021

Business nature: Data centre development and management

Company business activities

Code Activity
63999 Other activities in the field of information services

Company roles

Role Name Effective date Expiration date
Authorised Signatory Tolegen Idrissov 24-02-2022
Director Tolegen Idrissov 24-02-2022
Secretary Tolegen Idrissov 24-02-2022
CEO Tolegen Idrissov 24-02-2022
Authorised Signatory Adilet Tengizbay 05-10-2021 24-02-2022
Secretary Adilet Tengizbay 05-10-2021 24-02-2022
CEO Adilet Tengizbay 05-10-2021 24-02-2022
Director Adilet Tengizbay 05-10-2021 24-02-2022

Share Classes

Class name Number of shares Currency Price for a share Total cost
Ordinary 100.00 USD 1.00 100.00
Total amount:
Total USD: 100.00

Collateral Information

Under collateral
No None


Name Comments Status
Digital Diamond KZ Ltd. Active

Change history

Date of change Subject of change