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Company name

Astana International Exchange Limited

Registered Address

Astana,Esil district,55/19,Mangilik El

Organisational-legal Form

Private Company

Registration status


Registration date 11-01-2017

Business nature

Operating an Exchange

license (Market Activities) 042018-001

Company names

Name Status Effective date: Expiration date:
Astana International Exchange Limited Active 11-01-2017

Company addresses

Address Status Address is valid since: Address is not valid since:
Astana,Esil district,55,Mangilik El Avenue Former 01-11-2017 28-04-2020
Astana,Esil district,55/19,Mangilik El Active 28-04-2020
Astana,15,Mangilik El Avenue Former 11-01-2017

Business nature: Operating an Exchange

Company business activities

Code Activity
66112 Management activities of financial markets

Company roles

Role Name Effective date Expiration date
Director ASSEL MUKAZHANOVA 07-09-2023
Secretary ARDAK ZHANTAS 07-09-2023
Director Janet Heckman 22-12-2021
Director Janet Heckman 01-11-2021
Director Hao Fu 29-07-2021
Director Timothy Oliver 23-04-2018
Director Timothy Oliver 20-04-2018
Director Nurlan Kussainov 01-11-2017
Director Nurlan Kussainov 11-01-2017
Acting CEO ASSEL MUKAZHANOVA 16-01-2023 07-09-2023
Secretary Assem Dautova 01-07-2022 07-09-2023
CEO Renat Bekturov 24-05-2021 16-01-2023
Director Renat Bekturov 24-05-2021 16-01-2023
Secretary TALZHIBEK MUKHANBETKALIYEVA 07-11-2018 01-07-2022
Director Martin Dempsey 05-12-2017 05-12-2021
Director Jonathan Easton 05-12-2017 05-12-2021
Director Shaotong Liu 05-12-2017 29-07-2021
CEO Timothy Oliver 13-07-2018 24-05-2021
Director James Martin 11-11-2020 15-04-2021
Director James Martin 01-11-2020 15-04-2021
Director Maxat Kabashev 01-11-2017 01-11-2020
Director Temirlan Mukhanbetzhanov 01-11-2017 01-11-2020
Director Maxat Kabashev 11-01-2017 01-11-2020
Secretary Saule Kaldybekova 04-07-2018 07-11-2018
CEO Nurlan Kussainov 01-11-2017 13-07-2018
Secretary Almaz Dosserbekov 12-11-2017 04-07-2018

Share Classes

Class name Number of shares Currency Price for a share Total cost
ordinary 3,134,847.00 USD 16.36 51,286,096.92
Total amount:
Total USD: 51,286,096.92

Collateral Information

Under collateral
No None


Name Comments Status
JSC Astana International Financial Centre Authority Active
Shanghai Stock Exchange Active
Nasdaq Technology AB Active
China-Kazakhstan Production Capacity Cooperation Fund Co., Ltd. Active
Astana International Exchange Limited Active

Change history

Date of change Subject of change